Superior Tarpaulin
Whether for commercial or residential use, if you are considering a tarpaulin for any reason, we‘ll help you make the right selection. In fact, we are available to answer all your tarpaulin questions so nothing is left to chance. Take a moment to explore our site and consider the array of tarpaulin products and information regarding various tarpaulins. When you are ready to make a purchase, our highly trained team of tarpaulin experts is ready to ship you the tarpaulin of your choice. Rather than making a hasty tarpaulin decision, you can rest in the knowledge that kohinoortarpaulins will help you make the best and most cost effective tarpaulin choice for your needs.

We offer high quality products with a lowest price guarantee. We offer different types of tarpaulins distributed from two separate locations including Kolkata and Ahmadabad, We welcome large or small wholesale customers and can tailor discounts to suit bulk-purchasing arrangements. Furthermore, we do accept company purchase orders provided they are faxed to us on an official purchase order. Please call one of our representatives at 09830322415 for special quotations or feel free to email us at

Our prices are very competitive whether you purchase a single tarpaulin or in quantity. We aim to be the lowest priced TARPAULIN supplier on the web to enable to pass huge savings on to the end user. For more information call our tarpaulins Hotline on 09830476883/09830322415